The Ben-Ozer Maestro program

The Symphony orchestra is a major icon of Western civilization. It contains major values such as leadership, vision, harmony, cooperation, listening, mutual respect, professionalism, excellence and many more.

The orchestral conductor – The Maestro – is one of the heroes of our culture. The Maestro's power radiates way beyond the musical world. Everyone who is up-dated in Israel knows, for example, who Zubin Mehta is.

The basis for the orchestra's success depends on the magical communication between conductor, musicians, and audience. The working relationship which combines on-line control of many highly professional employees while maintaining high motivation is also the basis for every successful organization.

The symphony orchestra is the perfect example for any business, public or educational organization, which seeks a long and successful life.
The Maestro program offers managers of various levels, and teams within the organization, a unique, highly inspiring experience,  which offers an opportunity to improve its management, leadership, teamwork and cultural organization.
It uses the powerful and magical metaphor of music to point out the strengths of the manager and the organization, making it a stimulus for excellence and progress.

Internationally renowned conductor Yuval Ben-Ozer takes participants on a fascinating journey to the symphonic world, using his own experience and musical video clips. He challenges standard thinking and offers a fresh perspective on a range of key organizational issues.
The richness and flexibility of the program offers a customized structure for every organization, from a short interactive lecture to a four-day workshop.

Yuval Benozer conducts

Yuval Benozer conducts the New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, the leading Israeli choir, in Bach Cantatas, Latin vocal music, Naomi Shemer a-cappelle and other programs.  Come to experience the leadership and team work.

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